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Can the certainty of death throw us into the arms of life?

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 Maia Cornacchia & Rodrigo Morganti

Engelstalige Workshop

18 & 19 Feb 2023

Studio L'envers, Brussel



As (hospital) clowns, how can we strengthen life when we meet pain, suffering, sadness and all other emotions and thoughts that accompany the dying process? And how can we manage the frustration that springs from the feeling of being out of place?


In a time of loss, pain can clear us. Lays low our will power, the illusion of control, the countless comforting certainties to which we hold on to and instead leave us in touch with the mystery of the unknown. We can try to cover with the veil of knowing all that which checkmates our presumed knowledge. But we can also put an uncertain foot on that shaky groundand listen. Listen to what is there, say yes to the unknown, trust the organic knowledge that includes us, once more, into life’s movement and that suggests that our clown work on acceptance, transformation and the amazing vitality of our way of answering.

Rodrigo Morganti is a clown, healthcare clown, clown teacher and co-founder of the project by Giullari Senza Frontiere, with whom he participated in various missions all over the world. He worked for 23 years with Theodora Foundation as a clown-doctor, international trainer and artistic coordinator. He has held workshops for many international healthcareclown associations (in e.g. Lebanon, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Turkey and Bulgaria) and also at the HICM and Datchverband. He trained with Albert Rabestein (Escuela de Terapia de sonido y estudios armonicos) and performs individual treatments of sound massage. For several years he has collaborated with Maia Cornacchia on the project of the Organic Clown.

Maia Cornacchia (Bologna 1949) has a degree in Philosophy with an experimental thesis in Psychology. Since1972 she carries out research and training in Organic Work Practice: an exercise in listening that is placed in the original furrow of different traditions, an attempt to put into practice Philosophy to capture the extraordinary in the ordinary of everyday experience. It operates in individual and group sessions and also for body mediation. Currently she is in charge of training for Philo, for the Gigi Ghirotti Association of Genoa and for the Faculty of Education Sciences of the University of Milano Bicocca. Together with Rodrigo Morganti she has led workshops for several different Healthcare Clowns associations (Theodora Italy, Theodora International, Danske Hospitals Klovne, Klinik Clowns Vienna…)

Engelstalige Workshop!

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