An introduction to the world of the healthcare-clown and the philosophy from which we play. You will learn the basic clowning techniques and how 'observation', 'contact' and 'improvisation' are the basis of this form of clowning. We also pay  attention to other important qualities such as listening, self-awareness and communication.


Open to everyone

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The base formation is open to everyone, with or without background in clowning, for anyone who is curious to know more about this profession, for those who want to become a clown or deepen their own profession. People who have followed this foundation so far have come from very different directions, from theater and clowning, to psychologists, teachers and social workers.

should you like to continue to the FORMATION you'll gave to follow all modules of the base formation. 




The new data is not yet known due to the COVID. A workshop day runs from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm