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Health Care Clowns



For clown organizations &

individual clowns

A specialized coaching of clowns in healthcare by a teacher who understand what the work implies, with it's beauty, difficulties & specific ways of connecting, can be a precious gift to your team. In an initial meeting, we will determine together your needs and wishes, to define the thematic. (e.g. Improvisation-tools, Duo or solo work, Resilience of the clown & actor, Self-care, Play through Touch, Playful connections with people with a disability or dementia; Using all Senses to connect, The power of music and rhythm,  Who am I? deepening your clown-character, Coachings on the workplace, etc...)    

Some references: Theodora Foundation international, Cliniclowns, Contactclowns in de zorg,  Aachener Klinikclowns, De Zorgclowns & Co,  Tante  Louise, Les Amis d'Al, Koté-clown, Ter Engelen, Clownsgroep Nijmegen, Giels bos,  Collectif La Canopée, De lunatics gent, Espace Catastrophe, Transe-en-Danse and, in addition to those organizations, many solo clowns in the workplace or on stage... 

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