Have you always dreamed of dancing tango, but never dared?

Or do you already dance and do you want to find more freedom in your dance?


Bart Walter & Joy Winistoerfer

In these weekends you're invited to search,  

under professional guidance, for your inner clown through Tango! You will learn to improvise in a cheerful atmosphere, to laugh at your strengths and weaknesses, to dance and enjoying being foolish. Let yourself be inspired by  the atmosphere of Tango: the passionate music, beautiful costumes, the ‘abrazo’ and your own male and/or female side.    


The music as well as the stylized form of Tango will inspire you to see the humor in tragedy. You will experience closeness as well as distance. You’ll learn to lead and to follow. You will overcome boundaries by embracing and hanging on to the opposite, and by this find your own balance. You’ll discover your own unique way of dancing Tango! 

Brussels (English/French spoken) 


11 & 12 June 2022           Milonga

Price: 210€ 

Potsdam (English/German spoken)

25& 26 june 2022

more info see the website of the Remise

Price 245


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Drama & Passion 
25 & 26 June Potsdam

You learn the first steps of the tango, while listening to walk together, to dance together. Where does your clown's passion lie? Get carried away by the music!


Romance for clowns
no new dates yet..

The Waltz, the whirling dance full of spins, 1, 2, 3, swirling closely together through space, romantic, until passion splashes off. Tango is a dance of seduction, attraction and rejection. The moments before and after the dance, the silences, the licks are wonderful opportunities to explore as a clown.


The rhythm of the fool
26 & 27 March BXL

A rhythmic dance in which the partners seem to fly across the dance floor. The name is also used to indicate occasions where tango and milonga are danced. We dive into the tango codes that hang in this place, from how to invite each other to a dance, to what goes on behind the scenes. And we dance the milonga, exploring how rhythm can feed your clowning game