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Do you notice that your clown keeps spinning in circles, that you repeat the same things but you feel that more is possible? This series of workshops will take you on a journey to discover the unknown landscapes of your clown and broaden your boundaries. The clown-'being' is a special place to be, and there is still so much to discover, about your clown and about yourself. Embark on a journey as an explorer, playing with reality, savoring your own absurdity, and exploring the power of the clown.


Each weekend explores a different aspect of the clown. The tarot is a common thread that runs through the workshops. The tarot is an age-old 'book' that gives entrance to wisdom and insight through symbols and drawings. It is also sometimes called 'The path of the fool'. For the fool is the central card, with which everything begins and ends.

The Clown & The Fool   follows his inner voice, lives in the here and now, experiences the unknown intensely and lightly, takes new steps full of transformation.


The Clown & The Magician 

Poetic, minimalist clown, about the magic of the moment, the beauty of breathing, about creating new realities. 

The Clown & The Devil 

about pushing your limits, the bouffon, taboos and everything.   


The Clown & The Universe  

this is where everything comes together! Me, the clown and the world, clown art as art of living...

The Clown & Death 

eternal transformation, letting go, the emptiness, the unknown, yourself, your fears, your spark that lets you play, feel and face life to the fullest.


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