4 - 6 Jan 2022 (Dutch spoken) LAST PLACES!

7 - 9 Jan 2022 (French spoken) LAST PLACES!

"The deepest word is in the silence." 


Enjoy the silence for three days, 

Playing with the miracle of the moment 

Float silently like a cloud over the landscape

Journey to the core of your clown

Rediscover play  

The workshop will take place in the beautiful monastery 'La communauté des Frères Maristes du Bua. 

Located in the heart of the Ardennes, in this beautiful part of Belgium, close to the Luxembourg and French borders. Brothers still live in the monastery, they take care of all the reception!  


Price: 360 €

In addition to the workshops, this price also includes 2 overnight stays, 2 x breakfast, 3 x lunch, coffee/tea + snacks and 2 x dinner. (towel and sheets 10€ extra)

If you want to book an extra night because you come from far, please let us know in time, that is always possible, subject to an additional payment.  


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