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We believe that the clown is necessary in our society. His lightness, his way to put things into perspective, and his to ability to connect do good. For his audience but also for the person behind the clown. That is why we use clowning as a means to help people & organizations to get in touch with themselves and each other in lightness and humanity.

The clown connects by listening, puts things into perspective, is aware of himself and dares to play authentically with what is and thus makes his audience shine.  

Clownsense is actively committed to support the professionalization of the clown in healthcare . We do this by a professional training ,  coachings on one hand and on the other by offering an frame in which individual clowns, clown organizations  and health care providers can find a place to share and grow. For this we collaborate with partners from the culture and healthcare sector.

Clowning is an art form. One doesn't play a clown, clowning is a state of being, in which consciousness is mixed with a great deal of artistic ability. In clowning is a place where other art forms meet, theatre, music, puppetry, dance, poetry, acrobatics, magic,... Our workshops are a place to learn, deepen and maintain the clown language.   ​

Clownsense is connected to the world around us. On a local and international level we collaborate, innovate, follow and support developments, in order to give the clown a solid place in society, and vice versa!  ​

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