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Our basic philosophy


A visit from a clown is an invitation to play, to put things into perspective and to release them emotionally. The clown is a special being, as he is completely present in the now, without judgment and full of lightness. The clown is master when it comes to contact, with the other and with himself. Curious and by daring to make mistakes he discovers possibilities everywhere. From an open 'being' he says YES to everything within, with which he accepts and makes things lighter. The clown lives according to its own clown logic in which everything is possible; from a lightness he makes reality elastic, as it were, in order to play with what is.


The clown in a healthcare facility


A visit from a clown can contribute to the well-being and the healing or acceptance process of a patient and his immediate environment. The clown comes into contact with the person behind the patient, and knows even in situations where words are impossible to communicate non-verbally, at the level of the patient. By listening to the millimeter, he does not focus on himself, but on the patient. Due to his sincere, light and sensitive playfulness, he creates possibilities and space for discharge, empowerment and humanity.

Internationally, there are several studies on clowns in healthcare institutions that show demonstrably positive results in several areas, from psychological well-being to pain relief.

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