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Dense of Imagination

The clown, master of reality and dreams.


The Butoh dancer and the clown both live in the here and now, intensely full of imagination and feeling, open and fragile they dance with reality, creating new worlds with everything they do. They are masters of the dream and of reality.


In this workshop we will explore back and forth between butoh and clown, to see where they enrich each other. How, when the stillness seeps in, the clown gains freedom and how the intense feeling and playing enriches the dance. Back and forth to free the body and mind.  


Butoh is a Japanese form of movement in which body awareness and transformation are central. We explore our body and mind, we dance, play and slow down. We create dream worlds with our feet in the here and now. We are going to clown on the interface between reality and the imagination.

We look at how Butoh works with inner images, and how the clown plays with reality, juggles with its rules, distorts it like a distorting mirror, like a miraculous dream that becomes reality. 

Bilingual NL / FR

28 & 29 October 2023 

Cellule 133, 1060 Saint Gilles

195 Euro

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