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The clown archetype is as old as mankind. In many cultures we find figures who, because of their great ability to put things into perspective, lovingly held up a mirror in order to point out to their community what is essential. The clown was strongly connected, sometimes even one with the shaman. (e.g. Heyoka, Koyemsi, jesters, Siberian tricksters, pueblo clowns )  These figures often bring a combination of playfulness, wit and deep spiritual wisdom, serving as mediators between the human world and the spiritual realms.

This workshop is not a history lesson, is not a lesson in shamanism, but a clown lesson that builds on this tradition. We look at how the clown, through his connection to the greater (as I often say: the universe), with his/her intuition, plays in amazement with everything that presents itself. How his rebellious love can make us feel and transform, bring us closer to ourselves, or even better: transcend ourselves. We dive into the clown's 'trance' state of being. Explore how you can make the moment magically intense, transform reality itself, and turn your clown into a healing mirror.

bilingual workshop fr-nl 

9 & December 10, 2023


195 €

Teacher: Bart Walter 

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