Dive deeper into the art of clowing for different audiences. (paediatrics, people with a disability or dementia) In addition to the lessons, you also follow a number of practical internships in various care institutions. This way you get a realistic picture. This training provides a good basis to participate in an audition at one of the professional clown organizations, and you also learn how to integrate the clown into your current work in healthcare.


14 days + practical internship. It is open to those who followed the base training and to experienced clowns.


Clownen is a language, a craft, an art. During this training you will learn how to apply this art in healthcare, how to put your audience at the center of your game, so that with your clown visit you achieve an effect that goes deeper than a simple distraction.


We practice with the clown tools, we help you develop your clown character and costume and expand this with voice, music, objects, puppets ...


We look at how contact with the other is the basis of all play. We learn to listen. Listening to what is and what is needed, listening to your audience, the moment, and yourself. How to be present without having to do anything, and to play without wanting anything. In our view, the clown is very close to your person. You can only get in touch when you have contact with yourself. You can only make things light when you are no longer too strict with yourself.


Within the training we also learn to clow within the strict hygiene rules in a hospital and we gain basic knowledge of various syndromes.


Max 14 participants.


All classes are taught by our team: Bart Walter Annemie Missine, Thierry Boivin or Denis Bernard.



The 2022 training will run from August to December 2022. At the moment, the exact dates are not yet known.

We always work from 10am to 4pm