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Open up all your senses...


A day playing in nature

Nature is wonderful! So rich, full of color, fragrance, teeming life, withered leaves, splashing flowers, soft earth, wet dew drops, moss blankets, dead twigs, dancing dragonflies...    

A day to open all your senses, to see how our clown becomes richer by immersing himself in nature, letting nature live his life. So through experience to the clown. Bring a costume that can get dirty!  


The workshop will take place on a beautiful wild piece of land, with a rudimentary hut on it, lying next to a deserted forest, between Leuven and Brussels, in the municipality of Huldenberg.

I suggest we drive together as much as possible, and pick up those who don't have a car at a train station.

from 10-16h, with picnic!

For those for whom this time is really too far away: I would like to invite you to think about inviting me to your place, I would be happy to come and give this workshop somewhere near you! (Min number of participants 6 pers)


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